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Legal Plans For Small Business

Small businesses have a whole array of legal challenges that they face on a day to day basis.  Those issues can include employee questions, contracts that need to be reviewed, collection letters and more.  One of the most important advisor any business should have is that of an attorney or law firm.

Many businesses have law firms on retainer so they have access to attorneys for all their day to day questions and 

challenges.  Those retainers are often $500, $1000, and more per month.

A LegalShield Small Business plan offers unlimited consultations on any business-related matter, letters and phone calls on behalf of the business,

collection letters, even trial defense on certain plans.

What would a program like this be worth, $1000, $2500, even $500 per month?  LegalShield offers affordable options for accessing top rated law firms throughout the US and Canada.

LegalShield has plans for home based businesses, companies up to 10, 50, and 100 employees.

LegalShield has teamed up with GoSmallBiz to offer small business owners a suite of amazing products and services.

In addition to legal challenges, many small businesses face an array of other needs including guidance with sales, marketing, and

advertising.  What if you could log into a site that not only gives you countless pages of advice to help market your business?  This program also allows you to send a message to one of our specialists who will answer questions and direct you to the best ways to achieve your goals.

In addition to sales, marketing, and advertising, you also get expert help regarding technology and management challenges.  Would you like a free, e-commerce compatible web site?  It’s yours with the program.

One of the biggest issues that business owners deal with is in the area of Human Resources.  Many small businesses are in great need of a comprehensive HR manual for their employees.  Not having this can leave the business exposed to a long list of risks.  You can avoid those risks by putting together your own, customized, HR manual with our experienced professionals.  Why take a chance?

Last, but not least, you can build a complete business plan including financial projections for your business.  It has been said, businesses who fail to plan, plan to fail.  LegalShield and GoSmallBiz is your answer to help protect and grow your business.

Disclaimer:  There is a lot more to the plan coverage than stated here.  Talk with your representative for all the details on coverage and the most suitable legal plan for your business.

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