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Legal Plans for Families and Individuals

Legal issues are happening all the time and all around us.  They come in all sizes and configurations.  What options do we have when trying to resolve these types of problems?

The first option most people try to use is to ignore the problem and hope it will go away.  Second, they try to fix it themselves. The third option is asking a friend or an attorney you may know, maybe you can get some free advice.The third option is asking a friend or an attorney you may know, maybe you can get some free advice.

The last resort is to hire an attorney to fix the problem.  But where do you go?  You may or may not know an attorney you can contact, but can you afford him or her?  Most attorneys charge $150 and up.  In major metropolitan areas, it is not uncommon to find attorneys charging $300 an hour or more.
How big is your problem?  Is it worth it to hire a law firm?
There is an alternative that has been around for over 40 years.  That alternative is LegalShield (formerly Pre-Paid Legal Services)
By paying a small monthly membership fee which varies by the plan and amount of coverage, you can have access to designated major law firms throughout the country.

With a LegalShield family plan, you get unlimited consultations on an 
unlimited number of legal matters.  They could include things like consumer problems, 
issues landlords, finance companies, mobile phone providers, even legal challenges with neighbors.
In addition to consultations, your law firm may write a letter or make a phone call on your behalf.  Some plans include coverage for uncontested divorce, separations or adoptions.

Plans also provide consultations related to taxes, not to include preparations or accounting.

There are plans designed for individuals and for families.

Disclaimer:  There is a lot more to the plan coverage than stated here.  Talk with your representative for all the details on coverage.

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