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Debt Elimination

Many people today are dealing with excessive debt.  We have all heard the term, "Drowning in debt".  This could be from credit cards, auto loans, consumer loans or even mortgages.  The cause could be from many different sources, loss of a job or business, medical expenses, divorce...etc.  Living a debt free lifestyle is the goal for many families.  The question is, how do you get there and how fast can you do it?  

With our debt elimination programs, we use a “Power down” method.  This helps to accelerate your debt elimination.  Each plan is different and customized.  Some plans utilize the method of paying the smallest debt first and accelerating from there.  Others focus on the highest interest rates.  Whichever method that is utilized, you could save literally thousands of dollars in interest and be debt free sooner than you thought possible.  What would an extra $500 or $1000 in your budget do for you?  Could you buy that new home you have been dreaming of, a newer car, or maybe ramp up your savings and retirement programs?

A typical client can see debt elimination in at least half the time of their current plan or approach.

This is a complimentary service of SHUR Wealth Services.

Disclaimer:  These are not debt consolidation loans.

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